Trevor Noah Mocks Fox News For Their ‘Doncathlon’ in Defending Donald Trump Jr.


On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah took some shots at Fox News for defending Donald Trump Jr. in the wake of the revelation of his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the election.

The Daily Show host insisted that “most people believe this was collusion or at the very least that it was very shady,” but Fox News, which he referred to as “the million dollar fear and sexual harassment factory,” is defending what he called the “undefendable.”

“This is the moment they’ve all been training for,” he elaborated. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is ‘The Doncathlon.'”

The first “event” was the “Hillary Deflection,” where “participants” do all they can to divert attention from Trump Jr. to Hillary Clinton.

Jesse Watters won this contest when he pushed the Clintons’ ties to Russia on The Five.

“You’re right,” he reacted. “Why worry about the president of the United States when we could be talking about the unemployed grandma of the forest?”

Noah moved on to the next event, “The Giant Leap,” where participants develop the most unlikely conspiracy theories.

The “gold medal” went to Sean Hannity for pushing the narrative that the meeting could have been a set-up by Democratic operatives, which Noah called “dumb as f–k.”

Greg Jarrett won the “Semantic Judo” event where he used “the weight of the truth against itself” when he explained that what Trump Jr. did wasn’t illegal.

He then turned to the “main event”: Donald Trump Jr. himself.

“I love how he’s totally confessing, but with the tone of someone who thinks he’s given an alibi,” Noah said.

In the end, he said that the “Doncathlon” is a “team sport” and “everyone deserves a spot at the podium.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.


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