Trevor Noah Mocks Media’s Obsession to Chase Trump: ‘Just Talk About His D*ck!’

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.03.04 AMOn Monday night’s Daily Show, host Trevor Noah put the mainstream media on blast for their insistance over the last year to cover all things Trump, Trump, Trump. “It’s not necessarily that he earned that airtime,” Noah noted in the segment, before doing a deep dive into the data to suggest how lopsided coverage has been on the Republican frontrunner.

Using a recent brutally honest radio admission from CBS President Les Moonves as the hook for the segment (“It may not be good for America, but it’s good for CBS”, Moonves is on record saying), Noah bashed the “Wrestlemania and Mad Max” world the media has created surrounding the Trump candidacy.

From the wide-panning cable news shot on MSNBC eagerly awaiting Trump’s plane to a CNN decision last year to cut away from a Sandra Bland presser to a Trump rally, Noah mocked the media’s obsession at every turn. At one point, he jabbed at Florida Senator Marco Rubio when the former candidate got candid about how his approach to discuss policy lost as a strategy to more personal attacks. “TALK ABOUT TRUMP’S DICK YOU DIRTY BASTARD!” Noah joked.

Watch the above segment from Comedy Central.

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