Trevor Noah Mocks Michael Cohen: He’ll Take a Bullet For Trump ‘Until There’s an Actual Bullet to Take’


Trevor Noah had some fun at the expense of President Donald Trump on Monday night over the recent revelation that his personal attorney Michael Cohen secretly recorded a conversation during the election about potentially paying off a former Playboy model he allegedly had an affair with.

Noah began by mocking Cohen’s relationship with Trump, specifically when he said back in 2017 that he’d “take a bullet” for the president, but now says he puts “family and country first.”

“It’s funny how everyone says they’re willing to take a bullet for you… until there’s an actual bullet to take,” Noah reacted.

The Daily Show host insisted that Cohen doesn’t “look smart enough” to operate a tape recorder, comparing him to a golden retriever going through your W-2s.

“Like honestly, at this point it would be weirder if Russia didn’t have blackmail material on Trump because everyone seems to have blackmail material on President Trump,” Noah said. “Michael Cohen has tapes, Access Hollywood has tapes, Howard Stern has tapes. Even Eric [Trump] has tapes!”

He then blasted the president for “grabbing his tweet box” and “creating a problem for all of us” when he issued that dire warning to Iran on Twitter late Sunday night.

“Remember, this was the same way he threatened ‘fire and fury’ on North Korea and then six months later, he totally caved to Kim Jong Un,” Noah continued. “So there’s a good chance that in a few months, we’ll see Trump saluting Iran and America will be under Sharia Law.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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