Trevor Noah Mocks ‘Trump’s Archbishop of Bullsh*t’ Sean Hannity Over Memo Coverage: ‘You Lost’


On Monday night, Trevor Noah slammed Sean Hannity over his hyping of the GOP memo that was released last week.

The Daily Show host mocked how President Trump took a victory lap in insisting that the memo vindicates him in the ongoing Mueller investigation despite several congressional Republicans, including Congressman Trey Gowdy who co-authored the memo, stating it will have no impact on the special counsel’s probe.

“If you’re truly devoted to the Church of Trump, then you know that the memo’s true reason for being is to discredit the FBI, which is why the words of the memo mean much less than the spirit of the memo,” Noah said. “And this is a concept that no one understands better than Trump’s archbishop of bullshit.”

He then played a clip of Hannity’s monologue where he said that the scandal was “Watergate times a thousand” and that the charges against Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn should be dropped, something “nobody else will say.”

“Yeah, nobody else will say it because they’d be embarrassed to look that dumb,” Noah reacted. Like Hannity’s the guy who walked out of The Sixth Sense going ‘My theory is that everyone is dead except for Bruce Willis.”

Noah insisted that the Fox News host “needs to act like this” because the memo has to be “everything MAGA fans hoped for” and that his Russia coverage has led to this moment.

“I see what happened here,” Noah continued. “Hannity thought the memo would exonerate Donald Trump and so he planned his entire show as a victory parade, but then when the memo was a dud, he just went on with the show.”

He tied Hannity’s memo coverage to Eagles fans out-of-control celebration, saying that since they won that they should “act” like they won and that Hannity truly “lost.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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