Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Bizarre Pooch Screed: ‘He Managed to Turn White People Against Dogs’


On the Daily Show on Tuesday, host Trevor Noah covered Monday’s Trump rally in El Paso, and zeroed in on the president’s weird dog moment, while noting Trump’s power over his audience.

Noah set up the clip by saying that Trump was talking about drug-sniffing dogs but then, “much like a dog himself, Trump got distracted.”

The clip of Trump talking about dogs played, ending with the strange moment that someone in the audience yelled out about Obama, and when it cut back to Noah he said “did that guy just scream ‘Obama had a dog’ like it’s a bad thing?”

“That’s how much Trump has persuasion over his people at these rallies. He managed to turn white people against dogs. Dogs! The thing white people love more than anything,” said Noah.

“And by the way I don’t understand why Trump doesn’t like dogs. Trump should love dogs,” he said. “They pee all over your bed and you don’t even have to pay them.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of Comedy Central.

[Featured image via screengrab]

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