Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Numerous Hurricane Gaffes: ‘Let Him Play His Golf’ or We Might Be ‘Nuking Alabama’


Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah took dead aim at President Donald Trump’s string of hurricane-related memory lapses, bizarre suggestions, travel excuses, and outright falsehoods, combining them all into a a single, dire warning: “Let him play his golf, because if we don’t, there’s a good chance Trump will nuke Alabama.”

Noah first teed off on Trump for claiming that he’d never heard of a category 5 hurricane before — even though there have been four such storms in his presidency before Hurricane Dorian.

“Every time a category 5 storm comes, Trump acts like it’s never happened before,” Noah said. “It must be so strange working for Donald Trump. Can you imagine what it’s like, people coming in: ‘Mr. President, the hurricane is a category 5.’ ‘Wow! Category 5 — that’s never happened before!’ ‘No, sir, they happen all the time.’ ‘What does?’ ‘The category 5.’ ‘Wow! That’s never happened before!'”

Then, The Daily Show host mocked Trump’s false claim that Alabama could be impacted by Dorian, which the National Weather Service had to correct after the president made the incorrect assertion during a FEMA briefing

“Trump had to be corrected by the national weather service! And I know we’re used to it by now, but it still amazes me how often the government has to tell you not to pay attention to the president,” Noah joked. “Yeah, Trump is like your friend who you’re driving home from wisdom tooth surgery, drugged up, yelling out crazy shit, like, ‘There’s a dragon in the next car!’ ‘No, that’s a hipster with a vape! Calm down!'”

Noah also skewered Trump’s decision to skip a trip to Poland commemorating the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II so he could stay in the US to “monitor” Dorian, which also involved him playing a round of golf.

“In Trump’s defense, golf is a good way to monitor a hurricane,” Noah said, sticking his finger up in the air: “Yeah, I think it’s coming.” He then pantomimed making an errant shot with a golf club and added: “Went way off. Yeah, that’s not me, the hurricane is close.”

Finally, the comedian couldn’t resist mocking Trump’s reported suggestion — which he vehemently denied — to national security officials that maybe nuking a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean could disrupt it before it made landfall.

And then he wrapped all the president’s surreal, hurricane comments up in one big, closing riff.

“So I know people get mad when they see Trump playing golf as a hurricane is closing in,” Noah noted. “But after everything we’ve heard, I think the less involved Trump is with this hurricane, the better it is. Think about it, he doesn’t know how big it is, doesn’t know where it’s going, and has batshit ideas about how to stop it. So, let him play his golf, because if we don’t, there’s a good chance Trump ends up nuking Alabama.”

Watch video above, via Comedy Central.

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