Trevor Noah on Amy Klobuchar’s Town Hall: She’s Like the Anti-Oprah. Everyone Look Under Your Seats, You Ain’t Getting Sh*t


After Monday’s marathon of CNN town halls with Democratic contenders for 2020, a lot of Tuesday’s political coverage was spent on the highlights from each, and particularly on Sen. Bernie Sanders advocating giving the Boston bomber a say in our government.

On The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah covered that one, as well as the hottest spots from each of the other candidates. The funniest, though, was his take on Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

The first moment Noah highlighted from Klobuchar was her taking the opposite position from Sen. Elizabeth Warren on government giveaways.

“While Elizabeth Warren was proposing ways to give Americans almost everything, Amy Klobuchar was waiting to make sure that everyone came back down to earth,” he said, leading into the clip of Klobuchar saying she would love to give everyone in the audience a free college degree, but that she has to be realistic.

“Ouch,” he said after the clip. “Klobuchar is gangster, man, she’s like the anti-Oprah. ‘Everyone look under your seats, you ain’t getting shit! What do you think this is?'”

On his way to the second clip, he said “now, Klobuchar wasn’t just there to crush people’s dreams.” He listed some of her policies, and then wound up a second burn.

“You could tell the audience wasn’t her biggest fan,” he said, and played a clip of Klobuchar saying to the audience “that’s when you guys are supposed to cheer.”

“That was rough,” he said. “Asking someone to cheer is like asking someone to say ‘I love you.’ If they don’t do it on their own, that’s kind of the answer.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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