Trevor Noah on Dr. Ronny Jackson: ‘Anyone Who Has Held Trump’s Scrotum’ is Prepped For Anything

On Thursday night, Trevor Noah weighed in on President Trump‘s nominee to head Veterans Affairs, Dr. Ronny Jackson.

Yesterday, the president fired VA Secretary David Shulkin via Twitter and announced that he had chosen the White House physician to be his successor. However, the media consensus was that while Jackson is a doctor and a veteran himself, he is still “unprepared” to head such a bureaucracy.

But Noah saw things a bit differently.

“In my opinion, anyone who has held Trump’s scrotum while he coughs is prepared for anything in this world,” Noah said. “This guy has probed deeper into Trump than even Robert Mueller has. Don’t ever forget that.”

The Daily Show host then mocked the president for his “Trumpy” reason for picking Jackson, which was reportedly because he like the way the former admiral handled questions about his health during a January press conference.

“This is basically a warning to anyone who works with Trump. You make him too happy and you will get punished promoted,” Noah continued. “So be safe. Every time you tell him something good, make sure you add something bad just to balance it out. Like this doctor should have said, ‘Sir, you’re super healthy, almost as healthy as Hillary Clinton.'”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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