Trevor Noah on Mitch McConnell: ‘If I Looked Like a Chicken Clitoris, I Would Try and Not Be Such a Jerk’


On The Daily Show on Thursday, host Trevor Noah took on Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s objection to the idea of making election day a federal holiday. Noah said other countries make it a holiday because they want more people to vote, unlike the Republican senator.

First they played a clip from the Senate floor showing McConnell’s objection, at the end of which the senator sarcastically says “just what America needs, another paid holiday.”

“Why is he saying the good thing like it’s a bad thing,” asked Noah. “Like if someone showed up at Mitch McConnell’s place for the Super Bowl with a bunch of pizza and beer, he’d probably be like ‘oh great now it’s turned into a party.'”

“Like I don’t know,” Noah continued. “Like if I looked like a chicken clitoris, I would try and not be such a jerk.”

‘In most developed countries, voting day is not a work day, because I guess in most developed countries they want people to vote,” he said, but that he understands what McConnell is concerned about.

“He’s probably thinking ‘if you make it a holiday, all the maids and butlers will vote, mahh, then who will iron my toast,'” said Noah in his McConnell/Thurston Howell voice.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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