Trevor Noah Praises Trump For USMCA Trade Deal: He’s Delivering on the ‘Winning’


On Monday night, Trevor Noah took some time to commend President Donald Trump on his newly-announced trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Noah began by echoing Trump’s rhetoric about how we’d all be “tired of winning” during his presidency, saying that while he was right in saying we’d be all very “tired,” he added that he “delivered on the winning part” with the United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

“People said that it would be bad to elect a bully as president, but now, America is literally taking Canada’s milk money, so I guess it worked. It worked!” Noah exclaimed. “And jokes aside… this trade deal looks like it will help American carmakers and farmers and protect a lot of US-based jobs. And the best part is, we’re already seeing a 300% increase in Trump’s bragging.”

The Daily Show host pushed back at Trump’s assertion that the deal was “historic,” but he conceded that “it is a big deal.” And he had some fun over the president wanting to keep focus on the trade deal and dismissed the questions from reporters about his Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, saying that “instead of getting angry, he just implicated everyone with a smile.”

Noah also had a good laugh at when he called the press “loco” and explained that he used the word because of his trade agreement with Mexico.

“This guy is gonna kill us all, but he’s a comedy legend. You have to admit,” Noah told his audience.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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