Trevor Noah Rips Trump’s Sons for Complaining About Hunter Biden and Nepotism


The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah called out Trump’s adult sons for complaining about Hunter Biden receiving special treatment because he was Joe Biden‘s son.

Noah started off by admitting that Biden’s famous last name was no doubt helpful when it came to scoring a position.

“The truth is, your name could be a big reason that you get a leg up in life,” Noah said.

He added it was not a “good look” that “a Ukrainian company hired Hunter Biden just months after Joe Biden became the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine.”

He added: “Because it looks very much like he got this business because of his father’s position.”

The Comedy Central host then stressed he understood why some people would complain about such nepotism, just not Don Jr. and Eric Trump.

“If there was ever an example of people who got opportunities because of their names, it’s these two,” Noah continued on, pointing out Don Jr. was paid $50,000 to give a speech.

He then noted that at least Trump’s adult sons — who at one point he referred to as “Beavis and Forehead” — did not have official White House positions while still conducting family business, like their sister Ivanka Trump and brother-in-law Jared Kushner.

“I’m not defending Hunter Biden. I don’t know him. I don’t know about his business,” Noah then said before concluding, “I’m just saying that the last people who should be talking about the blurred lines of family names and political influence are the people currently running their home office from the White House.”

Watch above, via Comedy Central

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