Trevor Noah Roasts Trump For Repeatedly ‘Taking L’s’ This Election After Supreme Court Shut Down Case in Just One Sentence


Trevor Noah brutally mocked President Donald Trump for continuously “taking L’s” throughout this year’s election — and well after it ended.

Trump and his allies have lost roughly 50 challenges to the presidential election in the past five weeks, but one was particularly amusing to The Daily Show host: the Supreme Court’s one-sentence refusal to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results.

Justice Samuel Alito, who was ruling on behalf of the whole court, refused to accept Rep. Mike Kelly’s (R-PA) lawsuit to overturn the results in his state on Tuesday night.

“The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied,” read the brief order.

There were no recorded dissents, despite the fact that Trump has appointed three justices to the Supreme Court, and it only took 34 minutes for the case to be denied.

“Oof, man, Trump is taking L’s, people,” Noah said Wednesday night. “Not only did they shut this case down, but they shut it down in just 34 minutes. They didn’t even pretend that they were going to consider it. This is like asking somebody out, and they just shut you down immediately.”

Noah noted that this might mark the end of Trump’s legal efforts, pointing out that there isn’t a higher court to appeal to.

“And Trump must be especially butt-hurt that the justices he appointed didn’t do anything about this, because in his mind, he thinks that they owe him big time,” the host said.

“He’s probably like, ‘What the hell, Brett [Kavanaugh]? I stuck with you when everyone said you were a creepy drunk, but now you won’t let me be president just because I didn’t get enough votes? All of a sudden, now you know the meaning of the word ‘no,’ Brett? Huh? I hate all of you — Neil [Gorsuch], Brett, and you hurt me most of all, Amy Coney Island!’”

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