Trevor Noah Scolds Protesters for Playing the Villain Trump Wants Them to Play

“This week we got a glimpse of what things might look like under a Trump presidency,” Trevor Noah said, “and it’s pretty scary.”

The Daily Show host devoted the first segment of his show Monday night to trashing Donald Trump and his supporters for the role they played in instigating violence at the rallies, but also admonishing the people protesting him for feeding directly into Trump’s script.

“You’ve got to be careful,” Noah told protesters. “The narrative Trump tells his sympathizers is that they’re under attack,” and that “the nefarious, politically-correct, left, liberal force wants to silence them. So if you come in, and you actually try to silence them, it’s like trying to put a fire out by putting wood on to it. You’ve given Trump the villain that, up until now, he was making up.”

Taking a cue from Dr. Ben Carson, who noted in his endorsement that there were “two Donald Trumps” — the onstage persona and the deliberative, thoughtful man backstage — Noah concluded: “We laugh, but it’s more likely there’s only one Donald Trump — a cynical, manipulating man, manipulating his followers and his enemies and the media without any concern for what he’s doing to the country. That’s possible. That’s probably the truth. But I do hope — I do hope that there are two Donald Trumps, because that way he could go fuck himself.”

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