Trevor Noah Shows Trump Bragging About GM Before Recent Layoffs: President ‘Sold Workers a Lemon’


General Motors cut 14,700 jobs in North America, including jobs in both Ohio and Michigan, it was announced this month, and were beneficiaries of last year’s Republican tax cuts. The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah hit Donald Trump on Tuesday over the news, showing clips of distraught workers followed by video of the President bragging about keeping the factories open and the jobs secure at rallies and in speeches over the last two years. Trump “sold G.M. workers a lemon,” said Noah.

“People are pissed off for two reasons, right. One, like all big corporations, G.M. Just got a huge tax cut. But they didn’t use that money to protect these jobs. No. They mostly used it to prop up the price of their own stock through buybacks,” said the host after showing the workers. “And, like, we can’t really be surprised that a business would do that, right? Businesses always try to maximize their profits. That’s what a business does.”

“Like, if a business isn’t making money, it’s either a charity or trump is running it,” he said. “That’s how it works.”

“And speaking of Trump, those thousands of G.M. workers are particularly pissed off at him, because he specifically promised that if people voted for him, he’d make sure that G.M. added jobs,” he continued, as lead-in to the clips of Trump bragging about G.M. and making promises like “don’t sell your house” to workers. “We’re going to fill up those factories,” he said in one clip.

“That did not happen the way he promised it,” said Noah after the clip. He had a running gag in the clip about substitutions when renting a car, and made a callback to it saying Trump should have told workers “we’re going to give you new factories, or similar.’

“So it turns out America’s top used car salesman clearly sold G.M. workers a lemon,” he said in closing the segment. “And if you think about it, Trump’s promises are a lot like the Chevy Cruze: You can sell them as hard as you want, but at the end of the day, no one’s buying it.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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