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Trevor Noah Tells Fox News to ‘Shut Up and Dribble’ For Not Addressing Gun Control

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah mocked Fox News for their coverage of the Parkland shooting.

“If you told someone that they had to solve gun violence but they couldn’t talk about guns, most people would be like, ‘Well then, there’s nothing I can do,’ but most people are not Fox News,” Noah said. “Because over the last few days, Fox showed us that once you remove the obvious solution, you have no choice but to get creative.

He first blasted Judge Jeanine Pirro for suggesting schools have metal detectors, cops on school grounds, and perimeter controls.

“Wait, is she still speaking about schools?” Noah asked. “Because it sounds like she wants to build a compound in The Walking Dead.”

The Daily Show host then slammed Newt Gingrich and Judge Andrew Napolitano for urging that teachers should have guns.

“These ideas are so absurd!” he exclaimed. “It might be fun to live in their world, you know, if you think about it. Like it’s a world free of embarrassment. No idea is too ridiculous.”

Noah also took a shot at Greg Gutfeld for saying that students should take self-defense classes, including “hand-t0-hand combat.”

“‘Hand-to hand combat?’ Does this guy know what a gun is?” Noah reacted. “You see, it’s only hand-to-hand if both people agree to use their hands. Hand-to-hand combat will only help you if the other person isn’t armed or if their weapon of choice is a wooden board. These ideas are just priceless man.”

Before moving on, Noah told viewers that we “can’t blame” Fox News for “coming up with ridiculous ideas.”

“It’s not their job to be responsible or even solve problems at all, so they can just shut up and dribble,” Noah quipped.

That was clearly a reference to Laura Ingraham‘s attacks on LeBron James for his criticisms of President Trump.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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