Trevor Noah: Trump’s Interview With Mueller is Becoming ‘The World’s Easiest Open-Book Test’


On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah mocked President Trump over the leaked questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly wants to ask him.

Noah began by insisting it’d be a waste of Mueller’s time to interview Trump because all he’ll do is brag about his electoral victory. And he also poked fun Trump’s tweet slamming the leaked questions:

“‘Nice!'” Noah exclaimed. “This is America’s first sarcastic president.”

But then The Daily Show host addressed the speculation that the leak “was coming from inside the house” and that the Trump legal team actually leaked the questions to the press and not Mueller’s team in hopes to influence the president to not sit down with the special counsel with the help of his viewing habits.

“Being Trump’s lawyer must be so exhausting,” Noah continued.  “Think about it, he won’t listen to you so you have to launder your legal advice through the TV. Trump’s lawyers are basically doing the same thing parents do to get their kids to eat greens.”

Noah insisted that since the questions were leaked, Trump can “practice his answers” or “tattoo them on himself like Momento.”

“How is this a trap?!?” Noah asked. “I honestly find this mind-blowing because, like, this is the world’s easiest open-book test and still, still, Trump’s people are going, ‘Yeah, I’m worried he’s still gonna fail.'”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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