Trey Gowdy Rips ‘Paragon of Virtue’ Comey Over CNN Town Hall: Showed ‘Moral Arrogance’


Former FBI Director James Comey ripped President Donald Trump again during his CNN town hall Thursday night, and former Congressman Trey Gowdy mocked “Saint James Comey” in response on Fox News Friday.

Comey defended the FBI’s actions, including with respect to the undercover informant who spoke to George Papadopoulos, and criticized Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Gowdy spoke last night with former House colleague Jason Chaffetz––filling in for Sean Hannity––and said, “Saint James Comey, pretty much the same as any other interview. He’s always right. He gets to write the moral script. If you deviate from that, if you’re Rod Rosenstein, then you lack character. If you’re somebody else, your soul has been eaten.”

“Comey refuses to believe any of the decisions could be looked at,” he continued. “So he’s always right. Everybody else is wrong, and he and Clapper and Brennan are validating the concerns that other people, including the president, have had about their objectivity by their comments and their demeanor after they left their offices.”

He said any surveillance has to come with a factual predicate and remarked, “I am sure that crackerjack reporter who hosted the town hall asked Jim Comey with specificity what was the factual predicate. If an FBI ran an informant in on George Papadopoulos, what was the factual predicate for doing so?”

He also mocked the idea that Comey cares about character:

“If Rod Rosenstein had not fired him, he would still be the FBI director. The guy who talks about souls being eaten and the guy who says everybody else lacks character, he’d still be on that Air Force jet, sipping wine, crossing the country had he not been fired. So this paragon of virtue, James Comey, self-described paragon of virtue, would still be the FBI director, still working for an administration that he thinks is too good for impeachment had he not been fired.”

He also didn’t like Comey taking a shot at the departing Rosenstein, remarking upon the former FBI director’s “moral arrogance.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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