Trump Accuser Samantha Holvey Rips Him for Mocking Christine Ford: ‘Sexual Assault is Not Funny’


One of the women who has come forward accusing President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct spoke to CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Wednesday about the president mocking Christine Blasey Ford during a rally.

Samantha Holvey talked to Bolduan about how difficult it is to accuse a powerful man and how she commends Ford coming forward with her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

Then, Boulduan played a clip for Holvey of Trump mocking Ford to the laughter and applause of his supporters.

“The White House says he wasn’t mocking her. He was stating facts and inconsistencies in her testimony,” Boulduan said. “What do you see?”

Holvey replied: “That was absolutely a disgusting display of attacking a sexual assault victim. Are you kidding me with that? It just — it makes my blood boil to watch that again and again because I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would attack a sexual assault victim.”

“And the fact that it was to — I mean, it was to laughter and applause in the room and you see — you can — I mean, I could see two young boys in the background,” Bolduan added.

“Yeah. We’re better than that,” the woman who has accused Trump of sexual misconduct replied. “We need to be better than that. Sexual assault is not funny.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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