Trump Adviser Says Worst Mass Shooter in U.S. History Was at Hillary Clinton Rally

1thumb1After Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called President Obama and Hillary Clinton the “founders of ISIS,” there doesn’t seem to be anything his campaign won’t throw against the wall these days. Case in point: Trump campaign senior adviser Kellyanne Conway‘s attempt to deflect the fact that her candidate joked about assassinating Hillary Clinton by bringing up the essentially meaningless fact that Seddique Mateen was in the background at a Hillary Clinton rally this week. If you don’t know who that is, Kellyanne’s got you covered:

Where would you feel more safe? Would you feel more safe in at a rally where the speaker who is running for president says you have a right to protect yourself under your Second Amendment constitutional rights? Or would you feel more safe at a rally where the man who perpetrated the worst mass murder since 9/11 in America’s history was standing right behind the candidate?

Thank God for the sharp fact-checking skills of Mark Halperin, who pointed out that Seddique Mateen is the Orlando shooter’s father, who hasn’t killed anyone. The assertion, though, was just enough of a diversion to head off what would have been the natural next question, which is what does a private citizen’s attendance at a political rally have to do with the tariffs on tea in China?

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