Trump Aide Mercedes Schlapp Dodges When Pressed on Fox if Op-Ed Writer is Inside the White House

White House director of strategic communications Mercedes Schlapp was pressed by Fox News anchor Martha McCallum on whether she can be certain the the Trump official who wrote the anonymous New York Times op-ed is inside the White House.

“It wasn’t me,” Schlapp first reassured McCallum.

The op-ed that claims there is a secret resistance movement within the White House working to thwart President Donald Trump‘s “worst inclinations.”

Later in the interview, Schlapp was asked pointedly: “Are you confident that it is not someone that works in the White House, or even in the old Executive Office Building across the street?”

Schlapp dodged.

“Call the New York Times opinion editor and ask them,” Schlapp said. “They know who this person is. This person should stop being a coward and let us know who they are.”

She went on the note that the New York Times‘ label for the anonymous official was “very broad, very mysterious.”

“It could be a lot of people,” Schlapp said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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