comScore Trump Clashes With Barbara Comstock On Shutdown

GOP Rep. Confronts Trump to Face Over Call For Shutdown: ‘You Can Say What You Want’

During a roundtable discussion today, President Donald Trump indicated that he wasn’t just willing to risk a government shutdown over immigration policies — but he actually would “love to see a shutdown.”

One GOP lawmaker at the meeting, Rep. Barbara Comstock, let the president know that a shutdown over issues such as a crackdown on violent gangs and immigration policies wouldn’t be a winner for the party or the country.

“We don’t need a government shutdown on this,” the Virginia Representative told Trump. But the president wasn’t hearing that, making sure she knew how willing he was to do another shutdown just three weeks after the last one.

“You can say what you want,” POTUS declared. “We are not getting support of the Democrats.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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