Trump ‘Ashamed’ Of ‘Sad Job’ By Republicans And Their ‘Punt’ On Debt Ceiling

Donald Trump spoke with the hosts of Fox & Friends this morning and although the conversation began sweetly enough with talk of Trump’s newest grandchild, soon he proved that the new addition to the Trump clan did not cause him to lose any of his typical feistiness. Nobody was safe from Trump’s critique of the debt negotiations, especially not President Obama, but even Republican leaders also received a Trump tongue-lashing.

Trump admitted that he was “saddened by the Republicans” and their lack of a smart strategy to handle the debt crisis:

“I’m ashamed of what the Republicans are doing. The Republicans are losing a great opportunity to once and for all solve this problem. They’re just kicking the ball down the road. . . . Now it looks like they’re just going to punt, and I don’t like that.”

Overall he thought “Republicans are doing a very, very sad job and maybe that will change.” And in another surprise, Trump is actually for raising taxes . . . but only on China and other foreign countries that are “abusers.” Such countries should be taxed “big league” according to Trump. Finally in what was the least surprising news, Trump reiterated his potential plan to evaluate the presidential field next May, and if the right Republican is not chosen, then he might feel obligated to run for President. It seems only Republican primary voters have the power then to decide Trump’s political future.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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