Trump Baselessly Accuses Reporters of Fabricating Stories: A Lot of Leaks Are ‘Made Up By the Writers’


As Donald Trump held a meeting at the White House today, he attacked the media for, seemingly, the zillionth time by accusing outlets of fabricating sources for their stories on his administration.

On Monday, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal both reported that the president plans on reducing U.S. investments and exports to China in retaliation for their intellectual property theft of U.S. technology. When Trump was asked about this, he said the restrictions would go beyond China, and then he attacked news writers along with the “leaker” who told them about the development.

“They had either a leaker that didn’t exist or a leaker that didn’t know his business very well,” Trump said. “And it was either a bad leak by somebody that didn’t know, but probably, they just made up the story and there was no leak. In the long term, I’m not sure my political friends would agree, but I think a lot of leaks aren’t leaks, they’re made up by the writers. They don’t exist, the leak.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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