Trump Blames Fake News for Ignoring GOP Enthusiasm as Fox & Friends Promotes Orlando Rally


President Donald Trump’s blaming the so-called “Fake News” for their coverage (or lack of therein) is nothing new, but on the morning of a planned campaign announcement rally to be held in Orlando, the commander in chief is aiming to bring attention to “Republican enthusiasm” best evidenced by “what is going on in Orlando, Florida, right now!”

Though Trump has made his re-election intentions known pretty much since the day he took the oath of office, Tuesday evening’s political rally held in Orlando’s Amway Arena will be the official kick-off for the Trump 2020 campaign. Perhaps because those reelection plans are not news — and his political rallies are not at all uncommon — there hasn’t been a ton of media coverage of Tuesday night’s event.

Of course, there is one notable exception to that rule, and that has been the very pro-Trump opinion morning show on Fox News: Fox & Friends. Most mornings Fox & Friends opens with a field piece reporting on the “border crisis” but on Tuesday morning producers opted to lustily show Trump supporters so eager to attend Tuesday night’s rally that they have lined up since the weekend and erected a line of tents to attend.

Trump is an admitted fan of the very friendly Fox & Friends, and almost certainly noticed the great coverage he received on Fox News, which stands in stark contrast to CNN’s New Day and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, which have almost entirely ignored Tuesday night’s rally.

It is in this setting that the media critic-in-chief entered the discussion by tweeting that his big day is “Going to be wild!”

Readers of that particular tweet will almost certainly react in the most predictable and binary manner. If one is a Trump supporter, then he or she is also likely a Fox & Friends viewer, and Trump’s critique makes sense. If one sees this as a shallow and craven play to move the media attention towards the thing he wants attention, however, then not so much.

Watch Fox & Friends coverage via Fox News above.

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