comScore Trump Brings Out a Map to Show How Much Territory ISIS Has Lost Since Election Day

Trump Brings Out a Map to Show How Much Territory ISIS Has Lost Since His Election

Before President Donald Trump left the White House to visit Ohio, he brought out a map to show reporters how much territory ISIS has lost since election day in 2016.

“In Syria we’re leaving 200 people there and 200 people in another place in Syria closer to Israel for a period of time. I brought this out for you because this is a map of — everything in the red, this is on election night in 2016. Everything red is ISIS. When I took it over, it was a mess,” Trump said.

“Now on the bottom, that’s the exact same. There is no red. In fact there’s actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. So that’s ISIS, red, right there and the bottom one is how it is today. This just came out 20 minutes ago. So this is ISIS on Election Day, my Election Day. And this is ISIS now. So that’s the way it goes,” he added.

The AP reported on Tuesday U.S.-backed Syrian forces took control of an ISIS encampment after hundreds of fighters surrendered overnight. The Syrian forces are getting closer to Baghouz, the last village held by ISIS fighters in Syria.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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