Trump Called Obama’s 2014 Executive Immigration Action ‘Unconstitutional’


As President Donald Trump plans to declare a national emergency to secure funding for his border wall, CNN resurfaced a 2014 clip from then-businessman Trump condemning Barack Obama’s use of executive action to push through his own immigration agenda.

During a Fox & Friends appearance five years ago, Trump described Obama’s decision to temporarily stop the deportation of DREAMers’ parents as unconstitutional.

“He has not been able to [make a deal], so now he has to use executive action and this is a very, very dangerous thing that should be overwritten easily by the Supreme Court,” Trump said at the time.

He continued by saying Obama’s executive action should “absolutely not pass muster in terms of constitutionality, but it depends on what these justices do.”

Trump went on to say that Obama could be impeached for the purported abuse of White House power:

“Well, he certainly did something that was unconstitutional. Now, it depends on Justice (John) Roberts. If he wants to just curry favor in the Beltway like he did with Obamacare, because that’s the only reason he did it. Because he knows he was wrong, but it certainly depends on what happens. I mean, I think certainly he could be impeached and certainly they could shut down the government.”

The president is expected to declare a national emergency to free $6.5 billion for the wall while speaking at the Rose Garden this morning. It is believed that will also sign the bipartisan funding deal to keep the government open, which allows for $1.3 billion in wall funding.

Watch the 2014 clip above, via Fox News.

H/t CNN’s KFile.

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