Trump Calls the Press ‘Loco,’ Explains: I Use the Word Because of the Trade Deal With Mexico


President Donald Trump’s roller coaster of a presser on Monday had a lot of moments for the press to dissect. One of the briefer exchanges came when Trump referred to the press as “loco” and then explained why he chose that particular word.

The question asked of Trump was in reference to his answer to a previous question. Earlier in the presser, Trump said that the FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would need to be completely quickly for it to be fair. Citing the hardships endured by the Kavanaugh family, Trump said it is not fair what is happening.

“I think it’s fair to do it to me,” Trump said. “I think, for me, it’s like a part of my job description. To handle this crap.”

That led to a later follow-up question, where a reporter, in the clip above, asked what exactly Trump meant by “this crap.”

“Oh, I think the press has treated me unbelievably unfairly,” he answered. “In fact, when I won I said, the good thing is now the press finally gets hit. Now they’ll finally treat me fairly. They got worse!”

“They’re worse now than ever,” he added. “They’re loco!”

He then said “That’s okay, I put up with it,” and began to turn to the next question, but then blurted out “I use that word because of the fact that we made a deal with Mexico.”

The presser was held to discuss the revamping of NAFTA with Canada and Mexico.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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