Trump Campaign Advisor Breaks With POTUS: ‘Only Thing Worse Than Doug Jones Is Roy Moore’


Last week, President Donald Trump broke his silence on Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore when he essentially endorsed the embattled ex-Alabama judge. Stating that a “liberal Democrat” shouldn’t get that Senate seat, the president also dismissed the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against Moore by saying that the Senate candidate has “totally denied” them.

After Trump took to Twitter this morning to double down on his support for Moore, a former Trump campaign advisor broke with the president, pointing out that he doesn’t think it is a good move for Trump to get behind Moore in Alabama.

“I think the only thing worse than Doug Jones is Roy Moore,” CNN political commentator David Urban said on State of the Union this morning. “I think Roy Moore will be an anchor around the Republican brand. I think it will be a disaster for the midterms and Republicans will have to distance themselves.”

He continued, “And what Roy Moore is alleged to have done will have to be decided in a court of law, but this is politics. When you’re explaining, you’re losing. So I think this is a loser for the Republican Party. I think the governor should have just postponed the election, it’s well within her purview to do so. And we could have solved it immediately.”

Urban also said that if Jones were elected, he would end up being a Blue Dog Democrat like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and likely vote with Republicans on a number of issues.

“I’m speechless,” fellow panelist — and Never Trumper — Bill Kristol exclaimed. “David Urban breaks with Trump.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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