Trump Campaign Head Has No Idea How Trump Would Help Vets


Executive Vice President of Donald Trump’s campaign Michael Cohen appeared on New Day this morning and declared that his candidate had not insulted anybody with his comments about Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and POWs, and that he would be a better candidate for veterans issues.

On this last, host Chris Cuomo was curious, and never got an answer: “What is he going to do for them? Other than say I’m pissed off and nobody is good for them. He doesn’t have the plan for what he would do. What are the specific policies he wants for veterans?”

In play form:

Cohen: “First thing he’s going to do is ensure that veterans get the proper care and treatment that they’re entitled to.”

Cuomo: “How?”

Cohen: “He feels they’ve been betrayed.”

Cuomo: “Everybody does. How?”

Cohen: “Well, John McCain has been in service now for 30 years. 30 years. And we’re in worst shape for our veterans than ever before.”

Cuomo: “So what is Donald Trump going to do?”

Cohen: “Donald Trump fixes things. You gotta acknowledge that.”

Cuomo did not acknowledge it, and there followed an argument about whether Trump has ever been bankrupt; Cohen swore it had never happened, though he conceded a “financial situation” in the 90s.

“Don’t run away from this question,” Cuomo insisted. “Does he have specific policies ready to fix? Saying ‘I’ll fix it’; everybody does that.”

“They don’t do it,” Cohen responded. “Donald Trump is a doer. If he says he’s going to fix it, mark my words he’ll fix it. He’ll find the best people out there, he will turn around and figure out what is necessary in order to fix it. That’s what private enterprise does. Private enterprise does things much better than government. They just do.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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