Trump Campaign Manager Can’t Stop Saying How Much Good Work The Clinton Foundation Does

1thumbThe latest controversy to envelop former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has to do with her family’s charitable Clinton Foundation, and allegations that donations were given to the foundation in exchange for access to Hillary during her tenure at the State Department. One theme that has been emerging on the sidelines of this story, however, is the work that the Clinton Foundation actually does, which is apparently pretty good.

How good? In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager was compelled to mention the “good work” that the Clinton Foundation does not once, not twice, but three times during the same interview:

No, the Clinton Foundation does a lot of good work. The question is why these meetings at the State Department?

…Sure, because they do good work, and let’s hope that money went to good use and he was not paying to play.

… They would stop accepting foreign donations, which would shrink their capital on the good works that they do.

Prior to his run for the presidency, Donald Trump has given at least $110,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Since then, though, Trump has called for the foundation to be shut down, and for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate it.

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