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Trump Campaign Manager Side-Coached Him Onstage in Violation of Debate Rules

TrumpIn a brazen violation of Fox’s debate rules, Donald Trump campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski reportedly came onstage and conferred with the mogul during commercial breaks at last Thursday’s debate.

CNN Money reported that Lewandowski has chatted with Trump at multiple debates, but that he hit a new low by actually joining him onstage.

Fox News staff repeatedly asked Lewandowski to stop, but finally capitulated — telling the other candidates that they could also speak with their respective staffs if they wanted to, an opportunity each man promptly took advantage of. CNN Money writes:

The Cruz and Kasich aides were on hand backstage to advise their candidates for all of the remaining commercial breaks, while Rubio’s adviser was on hand for the last half of the debate. However, the aides spent little time interacting with their candidates, the sources said. The one exception was Rubio aide Todd Harris, who consulted with his candidate during the final commercial break.

Exactly what Trump and Lewandowski discussed is unclear, though at one point during a break Trump handed the Fox News moderators a fax from the Better Business Bureau showing that they had upgraded their rating for Trump University to an “A” grade — a point that Trump had tried to make repeatedly while being asked to defend the “D-” rating that the University received in 2010.

[h/t CNN Money]

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