Trump Campaign Official Tells a Stunned Tapper There’s No Evidence on Assault Allegations

tapper-bossieCNN’s Jake Tapper faced off with Donald Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie today and immediately questioned the irony of Melania Trump denouncing cyberbullying.

He told Bossie, “I don’t know any major public figure in America who launches more personal negative attacks against people via social media than Donald Trump. If it’s not okay for kids to do it, why is it okay for Donald Trump to do it?”

“Mr. Trump takes on his opponents and takes on the liberal media, that’s not cyberbullying,” Bossie responded. “Cyberbullying is mostly people hiding behind things. Mr. Trump takes on those who take him on.”

Tapper pointed to one expert who said Trump does pretty much exemplify “mean girl” cyberbullying, but Bossie insisted that when comedians or others in the media go after Trump, he fires back.

Tapper also pressed Bossie on Trump’s issues with women given what he has said on the record and what a dozen women have alleged about him.

Bossie said that there’s no evidence any of it is true, but Tapper really pushed back on that one, leading to a pretty amazing final few seconds in the interview.

Watch above, via CNN.

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