Trump Changes Story, Now Says He Started Taking Hydroxychloroquine After White House Exposure

During a Tuesday cabinet meeting, President Donald Trump contradicted his own comments from just the day before, when he had denied that he started taking hydroxychloroquine because he had been exposed to the coronavirus.

As the subject of Trump’s decision to be treated with the unproven drug — that both the FDA and NIH have recommended against outside of hospitals and clinical trials — came up again, Trump again dismissed or ignored the growing body of scientifically rigorous evidence and public health expertise. Then, when asked if anyone else in his cabinet was taking the drug, he demurred before flip-flopping on his answer from the previous day.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. That is a personal thing as to whether or not they want to answer that question,” Trump said. “But I think many of them would take it if they felt it was necessary.”

“I also had a case where we had somebody fairly close to me, very nice gentleman. He tested positive,” Trump added, as the reporter can be heard off-mike confirming “your valet,” to which Trump nodded.

“And he tested positive, plus, I deal with [Vice President] Mike [Pence] a lot. He had someone close to him who I also see who tested positive. I thought from my standpoint, not a bad time to take it. Because we had the combination. Those two people. It’s two people in our big building with a lot of people working. So I thought it would be appropriate.”

On May 6th, one of Trump’s personal White House valets tested positive for Covid-19, which reportedly infuriated the president. Then, two days later, Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, who is married to Trump senior adviser, Stephen Miller, also tested positive for the coronavirus.

But notably, Trump’s specifically denied any link between his decision to start taking hydroxychloroquine a week and a half ago, a date that would be right around at the same time as the two positive cases were revealed, and his being exposed to the virus.

Here’s the relevant exchange with a reporter from Monday.

“Have you been exposed?” a reporter asked Trump, point-blank, about the virus.

“No, not at all,” Trump said, instead claiming that he merely chose to start his hydroxychloroquine and zinc regimen because of personal recommendations. “I have had so many letters from people like the one I told you about last week.”

Barely 24 hours later, Trump rendered that claim false.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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