Trump Defends 9/11 Comments: Bush ‘Did Know It Was Coming’

Trump 911Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on CNN’s New Day that he wouldn’t be apologizing for blaming George W. Bush for the 9/11 attacks, saying he had “advanced notice” that it was coming.

“Look, his brother gets hit on, he’s a loyal person, he’s loyal to his brother,” Trump said of fellow GOP contender Jeb Bush. “But his brother made some mistakes.”

“His brother could have made a mistake with the actual hit,” he continued. “They did know it was coming. George Tenet, the head of the CIA, told them it was coming. So they did have advanced notice.”

Trump went out of his way to say he wasn’t “blaming” Bush. “They said that our country was safe under Bush. Well, what about the World Trade Center coming down in the worst attack in history?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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