Trump Denies Calling McCabe’s Wife a ‘Loser’, Says Claim is ‘Another’ Lie

President Donald Trump denied former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe‘s claim he insulted his wife.

In a tweet issued Tuesday morning, the president called McCabe’s earlier claim — that Trump told him his wife was a loser — “another McCabe made up lie.”

“I never said anything bad about Andrew McCabe’s wife other than she (they) should not have taken large amounts of campaign money from a Crooked Hillary source when Clinton was under investigation by the FBI,” tweeted Trump, adding he never called McCabe’s wife a loser to his face.

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes which aired Sunday night, McCabe said that Trump had asked him what it was like when his wife Jill McCabe had lost her race for Virginia state senate, and said “it must have been really tough to lose.” McCabe said he replied that losing is never easy but that his wife is going to refocus on her career.

“And then he said, ‘Ask her what it was like to lose. It must be tough to be a loser,’” McCabe claimed, describing Trump’s accusations about his wife’s political connections “sickening.”

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