comScore Trump Fan Heckles Vaughn Hillyard Over 'Covid-1984 Bullshit'

Trump Fan Heckles NBC Reporter Questioning Group About Not Wearing Masks: ‘You Talking About That Covid-1984 Bullsh*t?’

MSNBC brought a conversation with President Donald Trump’s supporters to an end after one of them called the coronavirus “Covid-1984 bullsh*t” on live TV.

Vaughn Hillyard was in Phoenix on Tuesday to cover the crowds that lined up for Trump’s event later in the day. Arizona has seen a particularly acute spike in Covid-19 cases this week, and Trump’s event there comes days after his under-attended rally in Tulsa that reportedly enraged him.

As Hillyard reported on the health hazards at the Arizona event, he was heckled by a number of Trump supporters, and he eventually moved to ask them questions about why they aren’t wearing masks.

“It’s not about the mask,” one supporter told him. “It’s about the hypocrisy that it’s okay for tens of thousands of people to go and riot, to go and protest, but you cannot have a group of a group of a thousand people… I don’t know how many people are here, this is not okay?”

Another Trump supporter then told Hillyard “Why don’t you cover the protesters and ask why they aren’t wearing a mask?”

Hillyard noted that many of the protesters against racial injustice have been wearing masks, but when he tried to ask why the crowd isn’t wearing masks, the conversation ended up going in circles.

After some more dialogue, a heckler was heard saying, “You talkin’ about that Covid-1984 bullsh*t?” That prompted Hillyard to throw the broadcast back to Craig Melvin.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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