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Trump: George Will Is Mad At Me Because He ‘Bombed Badly’ At A Speech In Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump is not letting this feud with George Will go down easy. In an early morning appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box, where he attributed Will’s distaste for Trump to a speech he gave “years ago” at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort, in which he allegedly “bombed badly.”

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Host Joe Kernan began the interview by asking “where this whole thing with your buddy George Will started,” joking that he didn’t “even know what an ignoramus is.” Trump explained that he and Will go way back. “Years ago, he spoke at Mar-A-Lago and he bombed, and he bombed badly.” Trump didn’t remember exactly what the event was, possibly a dinner, but “I let him know he bombed of course, you know, why wouldn’t I?” He then jumped to six months ago, when he says Will “came out and was very strong against the Republican Party, saying they couldn’t win, which is obviously turning out the be false.” They were “stupid statements,” he asserted, and “frankly, I let him have it.”

“He’s not a smart guy, he’s highly overrated– which, by the way, I happen to believe,” he said, concluding the story with the fact that “unfortunately or fortunately, the papers covered it, and they covered it pretty big, and that’s fine with me.”

The clip via CNBC below:

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