Trump Graciously Admits to Don Lemon ‘Certain Exceptions’ Can Be Made to Muslim Entry Ban

trumpDonald Trump oh-so-graciously admitted tonight that he could probably see making “certain exceptions” to his proposal to completely ban all foreign Muslims from entering the United States.

Trump again defended his proposed ban to Don Lemon with the same “political correctness is bad and I am the best” schtick, but Lemon asked him about the “parameters” of his ban.

He asked, “What about foreign leaders who are from Muslim countries?”

Trump responded, “You don’t have a lot of foreign leaders that want to bring up the subject, and that’s why I’m getting so much credit, because I’m willing to bring up a subject that nobody else wants to bring up.”

He went on a tangent about self-funding his campaign (which first off, isn’t entirely true, and secondly, has absolutely nothing to do with what they were talking about), and Lemon brought him back to the issue at hand, bringing up Muslim diplomats and others coming into the United States.

And that’s when Trump said, “Certainly exceptions can be made. I mean, I’m not gonna say you can’t come into the country.”

Lemon brought up international athletes and such. Trump again said, “Certainly there will be exceptions made.”

No word yet on whether has a list of Muslims he deems acceptable to bring into the United States during this crisis period.

Watch above, via CNN.

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