Trump Hedges on Releasing Tax Returns: ‘I’ll Make That Determination’

Romney, Trump (1)Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a pre-taped interview aired Wednesday evening, Donald Trump responded to Mitt Romney‘s challenge that the mogul release his tax returns, blasting the onetime GOP presidential candidate for being a loser and asserting that he would make his own determination whether to release his tax returns, and would do so in his own good time.

That same day Romney had told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that he suspected there was a “bombshell” hiding in Trump’s unreleased tax returns, which could potentially make voters see him in a new light.

Trump hit back Wednesday afternoon on Twitter, mocking Romney as someone “who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool,” and mocked him for “playing tough guy.”

Trump told Cooper that returns were “extremely complex” (“Frankly,” he boasted, “I get audited every single year”), and that he was in no rush to air them. “Nobody’s been bringing it up, except Mitt Romney and the reason he brings it up is that he lost in the last election and he lost very, very badly.

When asked point-blank, Trump did not deny that he would release them, simply that he would “make a determination” over the next couple months.

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