Trump Hits Previous Presidents For Failing to Act on Gun Violence: ‘We’re Gonna Take Action’

During a meeting today to discuss improving school safety, President Donald Trump more or less suggested that his predecessors barely did anything at all to prevent future mass casualty events.

As he opened up his discussion with state and local officials, the president spoke about how something must be done in light of horrific events last week in Parkland, FL. As Trump spoke about his meeting with victims of previous shooting tragedies, he said he would take action like no one in his position ever did.

“I listened to their heartbreaking stories, asked them for their ideas, and pledged to them we will take action, unlike for many years where people sitting in my position did not take action. They didn’t take proper action, they took no action at all. We’re going to take action.”

Trump has said that poor mental health is the root of school shootings, and earlier today, he went off on Twitter while making the argument that the best preventive measure is to let teachers experienced with guns have weapons in their classrooms.

Watch above, via CNN.

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