Trump: ‘I’d Spend Whatever It Took’ To Win Presidency

On ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Donald Trump told Jonathan Karl he’d be willing to spend “whatever it took” were he to win the GOP nomination for president.

“I filed applications last time, and I actually filed my net worth,” Trump said, claiming to be worth $10 billion. “People were really shocked at the number. Now the number’s bigger than it was. How strong the company is, how much cash, the whole thing. It’s a beautiful company. It’s a company like this country should look.”

“If you were to run for president, how much would you be willing to spend?” Karl asked.

“If I made a decision, I’d spend a lot,” Trump said.

“A modern presidential campaign can be half a billion dollars, or more,” Karl said.

“If I did it,” Trump promised, “I would spend whatever it took.”

Watch the full clip here, via ABC News:

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Image by ABC News

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