Trump Junior Blasts CNN’s Corey Lewandowski For Not Doing ‘Service to the Campaign’

1thumb1Former Donald Trump campaign manager and current CNN analyst Corey Lewandowski has incurred the wrath of Donald Trump Jr. by suggesting that current campaign manager Paul Manafort be held accountable for the Melania Trump plagiarism debacle. Trump the Younger pushed back at the suggestion that Manafort’s operation is “amateur hour,” telling CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell that “there’s a reason Paul is in the position he is today and Cory is not, and it’s not because Paul is amateur hour.”

In defending Manafort, though, Trump also further called into question the relationship between Lewandowski and CNN, letting slip that he apparently still had an expectation that Lewandowski would be helping the Donald Trump campaign from within the news network:

I mean, listen I understand, he’s not here anymore, you want to try and maintain relevance, you want to be on TV, you want to do these things. I think at this point, you know, that’s not a service to the campaign. I think it’s nonsense.

That’s the dilemma that Lewandowski presents to CNN, who must wonder if he’s putting their viewers first, or Donald Trump’s campaign.

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