Trump Lawyer Connects CIA to Dominion Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theory, Says Director Haspel ‘Should Be Fired Immediately’


Sidney Powell went on an evidence-free tangent on Fox News which included her claiming that the CIA is involved in the supposed election fraud that caused President Donald Trump to lose the 2020 election.

Maria Bartiromo spoke to Powell after an interview with Rudy Giuliani, who was largely given free rein to push the Dominion voter software conspiracy theory Fox News has already discredited. Powell kept this going as she claimed Trump actually won the election by “millions of votes,” that Dominion was “designed to rig elections,” and “we have so much evidence I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

“You feel that you’ll be able to prove this?” Bartiromo asked. “Do you have the software in your possession? Do you have the hardware in your possession? How will you prove this?”

“Well, I’ve got lots of ways to prove it, Maria but I’m not going to tell on national TV what all we have. I just can’t do that,” Powell answered.

The interview continued with Powell saying Dominion was conducive to “massive election fraud” and “every state that bought Dominion, for sure, should have a criminal investigation or at least a serious investigation of the officers in the state who bought the software.” This led to Powell also saying the Trump campaign has seen evidence of “kickbacks” for those who accepted Dominion’s software in their states.

Bartiromo asked Powell to elaborate on the “kickback” claims on the other side of a commercial break, to which, Powell had this to say:

We’re collecting evidence now from various whistleblowers that are aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought this software. We’re talking about $100 million packages for new voting machines suddenly, in multiple states, and benefits ranging from financial benefits for family members to sort of what I would call election insurance, because they know that they can win the election if they are using that software.

After calling lamenting the “insidious corrupt system” that the government supposedly failed to address even after complaints from Democrats, Powell began to push the insinuation that the CIA is allowing all of this to happen.

“Nobody in our government has paid any attention to it, which makes me wonder how much the CIA has used it for its own benefit in different places,” Powell said. “Why Gina Haspel is still there in the CIA is beyond my comprehension. She should be fired immediately.”

The comments from Powell come amid reports that Haspel has been frozen out of Trump’s intelligence briefings, and the president may fire her amid recent pushback to some of his ideas. As Powell failed to name a government official who accepted kickbacks connected to Dominion, Bartiromo asked “Why do you think Gina Haspel should be fired immediately? You’re saying the CIA is behind the Dominion or the Smartmatic voting software as well?”

Powell answered that “no honest person would use this system,” and she said that the CIA previously heard complaints about it.

“It should never have been installed anywhere and we are going to show the public exactly how rotten the entire state is,” she said.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

Correction: This article has been updated to identify Sunday Morning Futures as airing on Fox News, not Fox Business.

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