Trump Mum on Whether He’ll Sign Border Deal, Admits ‘I’m Not Happy’


President Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he isn’t pleased with the latest bipartisan spending proposal to keep the government open before it slides back into a shutdown.

During a press spray at the White House, Trump was asked for his take on the border security deal that Congressional Republicans and Democrats will submit for his approval in the coming days. The proposed agreement only provides a fraction of the federal funding Trump is seeking to cover the construction costs of a southern border wall, and several of the president’s hardline allies are throughly denouncing it.

“I have to study it, I’m not happy about it,” Trump said of the compromise. “It’s not doing the trick, but I’m adding things to it. I will add whatever I have to add. It’s all going to happen…Am I happy? The answer is no, I’m not.”

Trump went on to say he doesn’t expect another shutdown to happen, but if it does, “it’s the Democrats’ fault.” This comes after a month-long shutdown of the government stemming from Trump’s funding dispute with Congress. The government was reopened without securing the wall funding.

“If you did have it, it’s the Democrats’ fault, and I accepted the first one and I’m proud of what we have accomplished … this one I would never accept if it happens.”

Last night, Trump held a rally in El Paso, TX where he reiterated his dubious claim that the wall’s construction is already underway — and will be completed whether Congress approves funding or not. In recent days, Trump hinted that he’ll declare a national emergency to appropriate funding for the wall if Congress doesn’t allocate it for him in the spending bill they agree upon.

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