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Trump on Changing Libel Laws: They Make It Hard to Win

Remember how Donald Trump wants to change the libel laws? Well, he basically admitted on Fox News today that he wants to do that because it’s hard for him to win libel lawsuits with the current protections in place.

Howard Kurtz asked Trump specifically how he would change current laws. He dismissively moved onto complaining about how dishonest the media is in its reporting against him and how they write “falsely” about him all the time.

And then this happened:

TRUMP: If somebody writes falsely about a person, you should be able to sue.

KURZT: You can sue, you can sue tomorrow.

TRUMP: But you can’t win. You know, I could sue, but you can’t win. The laws are set up so you can’t win.

He went on to insist this is about fairness.

Watch above (the relevant part starts at 1:15), via Fox News.

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