Trump on CNBC: Putin’s ‘Amazingly Well-Written’ Op-Ed Made Obama Look Like a ‘Schoolchild’

Donald Trump called in to CNBC Thursday to react to Vladimir Putin‘s huge op-ed in The New York Times. Trump told Maria Bartiromo the op-ed was “amazingly well-written” and revealed a big disparity between how well Putin has handled Syria and how poorly President Obama has. Trump said the op-ed was utterly humiliating for Obama and made Putin look like the real leader.

Trump said Putin is trying to “become the world leader,” and is simultaneously embarrassing and bailing out Obama with the op-ed. He said Putin looks like the professor and Obama’s a small “schoolchild.”

Trump kept piling on Obama, noting how no matter what he seems to do, scandals never stick to him.

“He’s Teflon, he appears to escape from everything, whether it’s Benghazi or whatever it might be, so many different things.”

Trump said flatly that Putin’s op-ed is really good for Russia and horrible for the U.S., acknowledging that it’s hard to dispute some of the points he raises.

Watch the video below, via CNBC:

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