Trump on Reaction to SOTU: ‘They Had Fake Polls But the Fake Polls Were Even Good’


President Donald Trump showed up tonight at the annual Republican National Committee winter meeting — which was being held at his downtown D.C. hotel — to address the attendees. And right away, he wanted to brag about how well his State of the Union was received.

But there’s that little problem of Trump believing that polls aren’t accurate. So what’s a man to do? Just call them fake AND good.

After asking the audience if they saw his speech, Trump had the following to say:

“Because even the haters back there gave us good reviews on that one. It’s hard for them to do. They came up with some fake polls. They had fake polls but the fake polls were even good. And they said, ‘What are we going to do?’ Took them a couple of hours to figure before they went negative, you know. They got calls from the bosses, ‘You can’t say that about Trump! You can’t say good!’ But it’s been — we have had an incredible time.”

And there you go, folks.

UPDATE 9:27 PM ET: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pulled away from tonight’s speech after a few minutes. It could be due to the fact the press pool was pushed out after five minutes:

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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