Trump On Rep. Weiner: ‘The Bad Pictures Haven’t Come Out Yet,’ From What He Hears

Donald Trump, who knows a thing or two about the New York political scene, has already publicly deemed Rep. Anthony Weiner a “psycho” with a “death wish.” Tonight on On the Record, he told host Greta Van Susteren he believed the “very sad and very, very sick” spectacle was actually a best case scenario for Rep. Weiner: “I think the really bad [photos] haven’t come out yet.”

Trump didn’t deviate from his original opinion of Rep. Weiner as “obviously disturbed,” expressing incredulity that “a man of prominence would do such a thing,” and that he had met people like him before that “maybe have a death wish, I don’t know what it is exactly.” He also chided the Congressman for creating a “very dangerous position for the country” and creating “certain risk.” As for Rep. Weiner’s chances of staying in power, Trump gave him some sort of compliment– “he’s a pretty tough cookie, I guess”– but couldn’t imagine Rep. Nancy Pelosi permitting him to stay.

But the most shocking comment Trump had about the Congressman is that he saw the dire situation as a fairly good outcome given his behavior. “There are probably pictures that are a lot worse,” Trump noted, than the ones that came out. “I think the really bad ones haven’t come out yet.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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