Trump on Whether He’s Still a Birther: ‘I Don’t Talk About It Anymore’

trumpThere is an alarming lack of clarity about Donald Trump‘s current views on whether President Obama was born in this country or not.

Four years ago I wrote that I never believed Trump was really a birther. I still think that’s true, and Trump’s con of a campaign only further proves the thesis.

But still, he has publicly expressed birther views, and it’s pretty amazing that this isn’t something more people ask Trump about. Both Stephen Colbert and Chris Matthews tried to call him on it and he didn’t bite. CNN has a longer explanation on his excuses here.

Now, given that Trump is making his big pitch to black voters, his past questions about the citizenship of the first black President of the United States seem kind of important.

WPVI’s Matt O’Donnell asked Trump in Philadelphia yesterday about this. Here’s how he answered:

O’DONNELL: You don’t talk about the birth certificate anymore. Do you regret even bringing it up?

TRUMP: I don’t talk about it anymore. I don’t talk about it anymore.

O’DONNELL: Do you regret bringing it up back then?

TRUMP: I told you, I don’t talk about it anymore.

You hear that, everyone? He’s done questioning the legitimacy of the president he’s running to replace, so can we just move on already? Yeesh!

Watch above, via WPVI.

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