Trump on Why He Employed Cohen for Years if He Was a ‘Bum’ and ‘Not Very Smart’: ‘He Did Me a Favor’

As President Trump faced an avalanche of questions from reporters about Michael Cohen‘s guilty plea and cooperation deal with Robert Mueller on Thursday, he was asked at one point why he kept his former personal lawyer around for so long if he had such a low opinion of him.

When asked about Cohen’s plea for lying to Congress about the president’s real estate dealings with Russia, Trump called Cohen “a weak person,” “not a very smart person,” and accused him of lying to try and get a reduced sentence. As Trump defended his business dealings, arguing he was allowed to do business in other countries while running for president in 2016, a reporter asked him why he kept Cohen on his payroll for 12 years if he was such “bum.”

“Because a long time ago he did me a favor,” Trump answered. He did not elaborate on what favor he was talking about.

Watch above, via CNN.

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